Menu and Platter Options

Party Trays 

  • Deli Meat Tray (Assorted cold cuts)
  • Fresh Veggie Tray¬†(Assorted veggies with dip)
  • Cheese Tray (Assorted cheese slices and crackers with grapes)
  • Deli Sandwich Tray (Assorted meats and rolls)
  • Fruit Tray (A large assortment of fresh fruit)
  • Dessert Tray (Your choice of desserts)
    $3 Per person

Hot Platters

  • Wing Platter (Delicious Chicken Wings served with BBQ Sauce)
    Approx. 100 pcs. $74.95
  • Chicken Finger Platter (Delicious Chicken Fingers served with Plum Sauce)
    Approx. 40 pcs. $74.95
  • Meatball Platter (Delicious Meatballs served in BBQ Sauce)
    Approx. 100 pcs. $59.95
  • Pizza (Party sized Pizza)
    24 Squares: $22.00


  • Tossed Salad (Fresh salad greens with your choice of dressings)
  • Caesar Salad (Fresh salad greens with bacon bits and Parmesan cheese)

Custom Menus also available.
Prices do not include taxes or gratuity.

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